Church Programs

Great Coffee, Great Fellowship, Great Worship!


Great Coffee for happy members!

Great Cause, treat coffee growers fairly and fund projects through our Create Good Foundation.

Great Service from an experienced Team that applies the teachings of Christ and Apostle Paul to how we treat customers and our coffee growers - treat others fairly, pursue excellence, help those in need.


The perfect way to greet your congregation members and first time attenders is a welcoming handshake and a great cup of Pura Vida Fair Trade Organic coffee or Choice Fair Trade Organic tea.

Programs for Churches with 50-500 Members

Programs for Churches with 500-1,500 Members

Programs for Churches with 1,500+ Members

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 2. Coffee Fundraisers

Many churches host world markets or other events to raise money for church outreach projects.  Donors purchasing one or more bags of Pura Vida coffee enjoy great coffee at home plus the church keeps the net proceeds from coffee sales.

In many cases, our Create Good Foundation will also issue a matching grant to encourage donors to participate.

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In partnership with S&D coffee, one of the largest coffee roasters in the world, Pura Vida Branded café’s exist on college and university campuses throughout the US.

Churches that operate coffee or espresso shops can source everything you need from Pura Vida – except the Baristas

Pura Vida has been a partner with University Presbyterian Church for many years. Not only are they a great vendor for our coffee needs, supplying us with coffee and brewers (with all the attributes a customer desires: competitive pricing, excellent product, timely shipping, and attentive customer service) a partner in ministry coming along side and supporting our causes with fundraising and encouragement.
— Dale Whitney, Director of Facilities and Hospitality