CLEAN Water for Children

Most coffee growers in Guatemala lack access to clean, safe drinking water. Purchasing bottled water is expensive; and boiling water consumes valuable natural resources and may be a health hazard within the home. Ecofiltro manufactures a ceramic water filter that is a more sustainable and affordable alternative. Our Create Good Foundation is funding the placement of these water filters in rural schools within coffee growing areas. Directing our attention to schools not only affects the lives of children, but also provides public education for means of achieving active participation from parents in Ecofiltro’s Water for Life program. All of these water filters not only help with the health of these families but they will also save them time and resources; no more boiling!

  • Ecofiltro installs water filters at the rate of about 80 rural schools a month and 500 filters a month placed in each classroom.

  • In the last 2.5 years they have reached 1,600 rural schools and impacted 500,000 kids with clean water.

  • The cost of each filter is $35 and includes delivery and training on use and maintenance at school with director and teachers.

  • They have received donations for 9,820 filters for the 2016 school cycle.

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